Why SafeFleet on WAVE 2017?

The future is designed by humans that believe in things capable of making the difference in the world.

We see the future through our business mission and beyond it, keeping our mindset prepared to embrace new and better ways for humans and nature together.

SafeFleet team proved all the time that is ready to dare for more and act in an inspirational manner - and WAVE 2017 will be another way to confirm it.

At WAVE rally 2017 our team will be mainly represented by Claudiu Suma - the CEO of SafeFleet - that will drive an BMW I3.

WAVE’s participants

For this year WAVE there are 115 registered teams that will be divided in 5 groups with 20 - 25 teams in each group:

  • 68 teams are from Switzerland
  • 33 from Germany
  • 13 teams are coming from Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, Norway, Holland, France, Romania and Morocco.

Car tracking
at WAVE Trophy

Curious how the rally works? Take a look at the map and check the position of our car on the WAVE route. With the car tracking, you have now real-time info about this event.


53 Cities

The WAVE will stop in 53 cities. The WAVE 2017 begins with the evening event on Fri June 9 in Zurich and starts the next morning towards eastern Switzerland. The route runs along the Grand Tour of Switzerland clockwise. The goal June 17 in the evening of SA again in Zurich.


63 km

The longest stretch between two charging points is going to be only 63 km. Thus, the driving distance per day is 110 to 220 km, and every 60 kilometers between load possible. Therefore, the ride of vehicles with low range and e-bikes is possible.


2 x Mt Everest

The route will have a total length of more than 1400 km, and it will cross several spectacular mountain passes, including Flüela, Albula, San Bernardino,Gotthard, and Furka-Pass. All climbs together will be more than 16 000 meters, almost like two times climbing Mount Everest.

Get a closer look at what SafeFleet is doing in this rally


We've started counting down the days until the WAVE begins.

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